CCIE Salary – How much you can get if you pass Cisco CCIE

Cisco CCIE

The most well-known CCIE certification is the Cisco CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certificate, which replaced the previous CCIE Routing and Switching certification.

The Cisco Certified Host-to-host Expert (CCIE) certification, which is at the expert level, is in popular on the job market because it not only covers traditional technologies but also a wide range of cutting-edge subjects like Cloud Networking, Application WAN, and Operating system Access, as well as Connection Automation and Programmable macros.

But obtaining a passing score on the exam to receive a certification and CCIE number is not the only thing to consider. The real objective should be to learn as much as you can about enterprise networking while acquiring experience. Cisco’s increased investment in cloud networking and cyber security has already made the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certification one of the hottest new certifications.

A CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Professional’s annual salary?

The amount that a person can expect to make each month if they pass the Cisco CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure practical/lab test is now the question. Numerous criteria and aspects are involved in the solution.

You should be aware of some CCIE certification information before discussing dependencies. Unlike Cisco’s CCDE certification, which has been listed as a job requirement for many years, Cisco’s CCIE certification is well-known by recruiters.

There are currently tens of thousands of CCIE professionals, particularly those with the Cisco CCIE Routing and Switching certificate, which has been renamed the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certificate.

These Standards Affect the Salary of CCIE Enterprise Certified

  • Country
  • Position
  • Experience in years
  • If you continue to work for the same business after receiving the certificate

The country you live in has the biggest impact on your compensation since, even if you have a CCIE and work in the technical field (rather than as a manager or C-level position), you might not be able to make more than $2500 on average depending on the business that hires you. Cisco itself still pays significantly more than comparable businesses in emerging nations.

The pay range for GCC workers (Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, etc.) is between $8,000 to $15,000 per month. Even if you obtain a CCIE Enterprise certification and reside in Africa, your salary as a technical professional will not exceed $5000. (Although there are several nations in Africa, Business Insider Africa reports that, on average, earnings in nearly all of them are comparable.)

Your job title is also crucial since, whereas a technical worker in Turkey would earn around $2500, a manager in, say, an IT firm might make about $6000. In GCC nations, this would be between $5000 and $20,000

In Canada, the United States, Australia, Singapore, Europe, and the United Kingdom, CCIE salaries at the engineering level would range from $6000 to $12000.

Without a question, the CCIE exam is challenging. Furthermore, there is no disputing the CCIE’s high cost. It’s also an investment, though. As with any investment, knowing the price can help you decide if it’s worthwhile to proceed.

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CCIE Salary – How much you can get if you pass Cisco CCIE

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