Block Puzzle: Your Friend For The Stay-At-Home Times

Block Puzzle

Block puzzle games emphasize problem-solving, and they’re brain teasers that go beyond offering entertainment and relieving players of boredom. These games encourage players to think creatively and enhance their mental abilities.

If you play an online block puzzle game during your stay-at-home times, you won’t miss going out. The game is highly fascinating, and it pushes players’ mental capabilities to find ways to solve the puzzle. The game is one of the most entertaining activities that you can keep yourself occupied with when you have no plans to step out or don’t want to. Furthermore, you can play several practice free games for pure entertainment and sharpen your skills, or participate in tournaments to earn money. If that’s not all, you get the opportunity to make virtual friends while playing head-to-head contests.

If you are intrigued and wish to know, here’s everything about block puzzle games that will make you a pro.

Why Play Online Block Puzzle Games When Staying At Home?

  • Online block puzzle games are available online, and you need to download them on your smartphone. With access to a stable Internet connection, you can play the game whenever and wherever.
  • The game is available in 1V1 and 1VN formats. You can play a multiplayer game and connect with real-life online opponents. You can partake in tournaments and compete against several opponents. If you can get your name on top of the leaderboard, you will win cash rewards and prizes.
  • Online block puzzle games create opportunities to make virtual friends and connect with them. You can make plans to meet later or discuss different puzzle strategies with them.

How To Play Block Puzzle Games?

Have you played Tetris as a kid? If you did, you would remember blocks falling from the top of the screen. Players would have to tap left or right to position the block and place them.

While block puzzle games are a reimagined version of the game, there are slight twists to the game’s visuals. For instance, blocks don’t fall anymore, but you will see three block pieces on the bottom of the screen. Players need to place the three block pieces first, and then three more pieces will appear, and that’s how the game goes on. If players are unable to place any one out of the three pieces, the game is over.

Furthermore, Tetris was not a time-based game, and players could spend hours solving the puzzle. The online block puzzle games are time-oriented, and players get three minutes to place as many blocks as possible to score points. Also, the game is played with other real-life online players. It is a highly fast-paced, intense game that provides opportunities to earn money with entertainment. Once you are confident in your puzzle-solving skills, you can participate in tournaments and earn money.

The game’s objective is not to fill the game board but to clear lines. So, it would be best if you placed the blocks strategically to create horizontal and vertical lines. Then, as these lines are cleared, you score points.

Block Puzzle Tips To Augment Your Winning Chances

1. It is wise to start placing blocks from the corners and not straight away crowd the middle

You would want to remain longer in the game to get the chance to score more points. One of the best tactics to stay in the game until the timer runs out is starting the game by working your way from the corners. Place the blocks on the corners while leaving the board’s center empty. Placing blocks from the corners will give you more horizontal and vertical options. You must ensure not to leave blank cells in between when placing the block pieces.

2. Try to clear more than one horizontal or vertical line

The objective is not to fill up space on the board by fitting blocks. It is also not to clear single lines because that won’t fetch you many points. Instead, it would help to focus on placing blocks strategically so multiple horizontal and vertical lines can be cleared at once. The more lines you can clear, the more points you will earn.

3. The square piece deserves its space, and you must leave it some space throughout the game

The square piece is challenging to put anywhere on the board, and it needs its designated space. You cannot tilt this block piece or think of sliding it into tight corners. So, remember to create space for this piece to prevent your game from ending quickly when this piece shows up.

4. Do not dump the block pieces but ensure to plan every move carefully

Dumping blocks across the board isn’t a wise strategy. It will take up a lot of space, and you will be out of the game before you know it. So, avoid mindlessly placing blocks on the virtual game board and carefully think about your moves. You need to remain in the game until the timer ends and for that, every move must be strategically calculated.

It might be that there are only a few seconds left on the countdown clock. But you need to calm yourself and utilize those few seconds instead of mindlessly placing the blocks and ruining your chances of scoring more than your opponent.

Summing Up

Staying at home needn’t be boring when you have the block puzzle game on your phone. Solving this game can keep you occupied for hours, and it is a great mental exercise.

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Block Puzzle: Your Friend For The Stay-At-Home Times

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