Benefits of Oracle EBS Automated Testing

Oracle EBS Automated Testing

The E-Business Suite (EBS) is a collection of integrated business applications that delivers a complete set of enterprise software. EBS business applications provide all the capabilities needed to modernize and automate business operations. To ensure that these applications are performing reliably and securely, Opkey provides solutions for automated regression and integration testing. These solutions are known as Oracle EBS Automated Testing.

Businesses today follow a process of continuous testing to make sure the software works without any faults. Automated system testing has become an integral part of the software development life cycle to ensure the quality of the software and ensure that it is defect-free. Oracle EBS testing of applications, providing a comprehensive framework to test applications and manage your tests.

Benefits of Oracle EBS Automated Testing

A good quality assurance (QA) team can make this process more efficient by automating it.

1. Test Management & Collaboration

The new automated systems are integrating better with other tools. These tools allow for more effective test management, as well as collaboration between team members. The integration of e-Business Suite with other applications has also improved the ability to manage complex projects, including the ability to track project progress, manage dependencies between tasks, create workflows that link tasks together, and execute actions based on conditions met by a task or workflow.

Test data management tools allow teams to create a central location where they can store their test data. Test data management software provides automated storage for all types of test results at one location so that it’s easy for developers and testers alike to find what they’re looking for quickly when answering questions about why certain tests failed (or passed). If you are looking for a document management system, then LogicalDOC will be the best solution for this.

2. Improve Quality

Automated testing helps to improve the quality of your software product by reducing errors during regression testing. Additionally, automated testing can execute tests that are difficult or impossible to perform manually, further increasing the reliability of your software.

3. More Reliable

Automated testing is more reliable than manual testing because it can be performed faster and more frequently than manual tests. With automated testing, you can save time and money by reducing the amount of manual testing needed. Automated tests are more efficient because they run in parallel with your other tasks such as development or deployment.

They also provide a higher level of accuracy than manual ones because there is no need for human error on their part. Finally, automated testing can be performed at any time on any machine across your organization with minimal effort; no need to wait until all software has been released into production before running an integration test script again!


To sum up, automated testing is a great way to improve the quality and efficiency of your applications by Opkey. Its no-code platform helps to automate testing in a few hours. It even reduces risks to ebs 12.2 upgrade It’s important to remember that testing is an essential part of delivering high-quality applications, but it can also be tedious and time-consuming. The automated tools will save you time by automating your regression tests and executing more difficult tests that would otherwise require manual effort.

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Benefits of Oracle EBS Automated Testing

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