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StuffRoots is a global, multi-platform media and go-to source for tech, digital culture, and entertainment websites. We aim to make the lives of our readers more straightforward and simpler with the support of innovative arrangements and technological solutions. We have faith in giving a discussion and a stage for individuals where they can air their perspectives and issues openly.

Why Guest Post With Us?

Guest posting is a great way to share your expertise, knowledge, and insights with a broader audience. If you are considering contributing your valuable content, why should you choose us to guest post? Here are some compelling reasons.

1. Credibility and Reputation

With 500+ blog posts on our website, we take pride in maintaining a credible and reputable platform. Our commitment to quality makes sure that your work is showcased in a good environment, which can increase your presence and reputation as an expert or writer in your field.

2. SEO Benefits

Embodying guest posts into our content strategy can benefit your SEO efforts. We give opportunities to include backlinks to your own blog or website, which can of course improve your blog’s or website’s search engine ranking.

3. Cooperative Support

We know the importance of fostering an encouraging environment in our guest post process. Our editors collaborate with guest authors to make sure that the provided content adheres to our standards and delivers high-quality articles. Expect to receive constructive feedback and guidance at every stage of the publication process.

4. Networking Possibilities

Writing posts for us opens up great networking possibilities within our community. You will have a huge spectrum of fellow experts, enthusiasts, and writers who share your interests and passions. This can even lead to future partnerships and collaborations.

5. Educate and Inspire

We have always provided content that ignites and enlightens the readers. If you have valuable knowledge that can help others in growing, or learning, we wholeheartedly invite you to share it with us. Your contributions can surely leave a good impact on our readers.

6. Contribute to Our Community

By contributing as a guest author on our platform, you became an important part of our family. Your content will diversify and enrich our platform, playing an important role in touching the mark of our standards.

Our Requirement to Publish Your Tech Content Here

  • Your article must be 1000+ words.
  • You can add images and videos if you want.
  • Images should be of size 600 pixels or less.
  • Please send them as a separate attachment.
  • Do not violate any copyright law when using images. Give credits if needed.
  • Plagiarised content is a BIG NO.
  • Editors have the right to edit or reject your content.
  • Once published on our website, you cannot publish it anywhere else.

Are You Interested To Write For Us?

If you are passionate about writing, have expertise in a particular tech field, or just love expressing yourself through writing, you may have considered the idea of writing for a website or blog. However, have you ever thought of contributing your unique writing to another platform? If not, now might be the perfect time to get into the world of guest blogging. And we are ready to be a part of your journey.

How to submit?

You can email us your article. We prefer Google Documents as it gets easier for our editors to provide guidance and feedback directly within your draft. 

Here’s what happens once you submit your article:

  • Our editor will review your article and check if it is a potential fit. If it is, we will revise and discuss it. 
  • The editor will collect all the feedback and get back to you with detailed notes. 
  • Once you have worked on our comments, you need to send the revised draft to us. We will again discuss the article and let you know if we are accepting it or not. 
  • Once we accept your article, our editor will work closely with you on bits like styles, argumentation, and organization. 
  • We will schedule you for publication once the revision is completed. We cannot give you a specific publishing date until the article is ready to go live. 


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