Pzizz App Review with Features and Pros and Cons

Pzizz App Review

When it comes to choosing apps for getting good sleep, the first thing that comes to our mind is getting the best app for the same, and pzizz is just the right app for you. The app basically has soundtracks that are designed to suit your sleep pattern. It is good for either a nap or for a long time to sleep. The soundtracks of the app change every day. it plays a mixture of music, sound effects, and voice over which we can choose from male/ female. It is similar to that relax melodies app. The app has soundtracks that are set in different frequencies called the binaural beats which are of four types of brainwaves such as:

  • Beta
  • Alpha
  • Theta
  • Delta

This helps in calming and soothing the brain. The user can customize the settings according to his/her needs. For instance, you can set the volume of the soundtrack, the volume of the male/female sound, turning off the sound, setting an alarm and turn off the phone notifications. This is for the beginners. And for the Pro version users have the access to more soundtracks including focus module, more app functions, and monthly updates.

The pzizz app utilizes effective psychoacoustic principles to create beautiful dreamscapes that will make you fall asleep faster and wake up feeling refreshed. They are clinically proven best apps for people who have insomnia but sometimes mattress is a key factor that is causing all the sleeping problems for you it’s better to choose the best mattress according to your preferences. Apart from dreamscapes the app also provides diaphragmatic and heart rate variability breathing, grounding, mindfulness meditation, guided imagery, somatic awareness, progressive muscle relaxation, autogenic training hypnosis, etc.

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There are 5 unique features of the app they are:

  • Hybrid music system
  • Variable voiceover
  • Customize length
  • Personalized pzizz
  • Offline use

Hybrid Music system

It is basically the human-composed, algorithmically remixed sounds to optimize into getting you to sleep properly. And it helps you getting deep sleep and you can wake up to a refreshed morning. It has over 100 billion sequences to experience.

Variable voiceover

The app has a voiceover that is separate fro the music, which helps to be calm and get you a good deep sleep. The voiceover can be adjusted as per your requirement. You can change gender, volume, or 3D effects. Also, the narrations change automatically each time you use them.

Customize length

You can set your listening time in the Pzizz app and it will automatically set into it.

Personalized pzizz

You can personalize the kind of music you like and not use the ones you don’t like.

Offline use

You can use the app offline without any problems.

There are pros and cons of the app and they are:


  • You can use the app offline
  • The user can set the length of the listening time of the app
  • You can change the voiceover settings according to your preference
  • The user can personalize the app with their favorite songs.
  • It uses the methods proven by clinical sleep interventions


  • The file size to download is large
  • It is pretty expensive as you have to pay $15 per month

Hence do try this app.

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Pzizz App Review with Features and Pros and Cons

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