Kwikfunnels Review – Detailed Review of Kwikfunnels Website Builder

KwikFunnels Review

Kwikfunnels is one of the best website builder software across the globe. Saharsh Mittal is the CEO of this company. The company was founded by Bangalore based firm. They ran a lot of e-commerce stores in 2016. At that time, the company faces many several problems. Paying was disappointing for every little plugin for simple functionality. But after hard work, the company made an online platform at a budget-friendly price. The company combined sales crossing 100cr INR. It’s a perfect platform for enterprisers and marketers. 

Benefits to Choose Kwikfunnels Website Builder

As we know that Kwikfunnels is the perfect solution for business. It fulfills all the requirements of your website or business. You can start taking orders from Kwikfunnels in just 20 mints. You can sell your products online by creating your e-commerce website. Creating a website with is very easy as it gives you the drag and drops feature; you can create an e-commerce website without any coding knowledge and without any web designer.

Drag and Drop Funnel
Drag and Drop Funnel

Below we will tell you all the features that Kwikfunnels provide :

  • Choice of multiple templates (1000+ different industry templates)
  • Elaborated training
  • Flexibility to use any Page Builder
  • Friction-less Checkout
  • Checkout Order Bumps
  • Unlimited Upsells / Down sells
  • Track and action cart Abandonment
  • No More Expensive SaaS Bills
  • Flexibility to use your existing builder
  • Fewer Moving Parts
  • User-friendly platform
  • Value for money
  • Multiple domains 
  • A/B Testing 

Store with Inbuilt Integrations

Let me tell you that this is the best part of this software because it is giving you inbuilt integration stores. With the help of these stores, make your customers happy, and you can easily increase your customers’ trust. 

Here you can offer many types of payment methods to your customers, such as PayPal, Paytm, Instamojo, Razorpay, stripe, payu, paytabs, etc. it will be convenient for you, and you will get maximum sales.

Kwikfunnels also provides you inbuilt CRM software that helps you to manage your customers’ data. For product shipping, many delivery options like ship rocket are available.

Kwikfunnels Login
Kwikfunnels Login

Kwikfunnels offers you apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, MSG91, Twilio, etc. for easily send messages or share information of any product to our friends and relatives. 

It also offers you autoresponder stores like getting responses, Mailchimp, active Champaign, Hubspot, Aweber, etc. if you are busy, then they sent autoresponder answers to the customer. You are able to manage the autoresponse answer. After that, when you are free, you can easily solve customer issues or problems. 

With the help of Kwikfunnels, you can sell anything online and gives your customers better shopping experience.

In builds Apps to Improve Conversions

kwikfunnel does not charge any fee for an app But instead gives an inbuilt app facility to its customers, which are given below. But if we talk about other platforms, they charge separately for this feature. 

  • Partial payment 
  • User proof 
  • What’s up, chat
  • Media 
  • Coupon wheel
  • Abandoned cart 
  • Payment discounts
  • Tracking & pixels
  • Currency switcher
  • Facebook chat 
  • Shopping feeds

KwikFunnels is a very popular online platform; that’s the solution to all your problems. It allows marketing, selling, and online delivery of your products and services without having to rely on them.

Kwikfunnel strength & weakness


  1. Cost-effective and best features software
  2. 1000+ ready-made templates offer you with a wide range of industry
  3. In build apps without taking any charges
  4. Easy to use drag and drop feature 
  5. Scalable layout 
  6. In build CRM and email integration
  7. Free SSL certificate 
  8. Protect your website from unwanted threats and viruses


  1. They do not offer any kind of free trial, but other platforms are providing.
  2. They do not have more resources and funds rather than others.

Price comparison 

Often people prefer to take more goods at lower prices. If we talk about rates of kwikfunnel software, then it is cheaper, according to others. If we compare its price with other platforms, then, believe me, you will not get any better than this. Let us show you by comparison.

First, we will tell you the names of other platforms and their price.

ClickFunnels’ software price $3564/yr, Lead pages software cost is $2388/yr, Sam cart software price is $2388/yr, Thrive cart software cost is $999/yr, Shopify software price is $948/yr, and provely cost is just $197/yr 

While kwikfunnel cost is just $199 / year and you are getting a lot of free features, while on other platforms, you will have to buy separately. So you came to know that the rest of the platforms are very expensive. At the same time, cheap platforms have fewer features.

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Kwikfunnels Review – Detailed Review of Kwikfunnels Website Builder

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