Best Hacks for Different Streaming Platforms in 2021

Hacks for Different Streaming Platforms

The introduction of online streaming changed the entertainment game. For the first time, people can easily have access to a great amount of content. In the past, it was common to visit several video stores and be disappointed about not being able to rent or buy certain movies.

These days, you can simply search for a movie or a TV show on your computer and watch it instantly. It doesn’t even matter if the film is 50 years old. It never goes out of stock!

Streaming movies online comes with a lot of other benefits. First, you get to watch movies with excellent pictures and audio quality. Second, you can watch the content at any time instead of being limited by cinema times.

However, many users do not know how to utilize their streaming platform subscription to the fullest. Because of that, we have prepared some of the best tips below to look into and enhance the streaming experience with Netflix, Amazon Firestick, and Disney Plus to the fullest.

Best Netflix Tips

1. Use Reminders for Movies

It’s relatively common to forget that you have an upcoming TV show or movie to watch. So instead of writing the titles down, you can use the ‘Remind Me’ feature.

This feature creates a list of movies and shows that display in a tab. Every time you log in, you’ll see the date of the title’s launch. Also, once the movie becomes available, you’ll get a notification to watch the content.

2. Switch on Smart Downloads

When you have to stream every movie, it might not always work out the right way for you. This is because some areas have unstable network reception. For instance, if you’re trying to stream a Netflix movie when you’re traveling between states, you’ll experience bad quality and a lot of buffering.

Many Netflix users turn to offline downloads for a seamless watching experience. Nevertheless, a small number of people know about the ‘Smart Downloads’ feature. ‘Smart Download’ frees space automatically on your device when you watch TV show episodes and downloads new ones. In addition, the features conserve data by making sure the downloads only take place when you’re connected to Wi-Fi.

3. Conserve Data

Different categories of Netflix users exist, and you may fall into the section that balances enjoyment with budgeting. For example, watching movies online can prove to be very expensive, especially when being watched in HD quality.

You can conserve your data by choosing the quality of streaming you want. Click on ‘App Settings’ and select ‘Mobile Data Usage’. Under this option, you’ll be able to conserve your data.

4. Explore Netflix’s Special Categories

Every movie watcher has this unique genre of movies they like to watch—for instance, some like movies about Wall Street, entrepreneurship, dark comedy, etc.

Although Netflix has its general genre list, there’s a hidden list that can only be accessed with codes. To visit them, you’ll have to fix their particular code at the end of a URL format. The format is ‘the code’.

5. Accessing other Countries’ Content with a VPN

Even though you pay a fair amount for Netflix’s monthly subscription, you’re likely missing out on great content. This is not precisely Netflix’s fault; countries could have issues with copyrights and licensing. Hence, the streaming service uses geo-restrictions.

By downloading a VPN for Netflix, you’ll be able to get past any geo-restriction allowing you to watch any content you wish to watch in that specific country. In addition, this tech tool encrypts and hides internet information, making it look like you’re browsing from another location.

Best Firestick and Fire TV Tips

1. Expand your Firestick Storage with a USB

Firestick customers occasionally grumble about the lack of storage space on the device. In addition, consumers who like to download a large amount of content find it uncomfortable to delete stuff to make another.

To expand your Fire TV storage, you can get a USB drive with loads of free space. New content that you download will then be stored on the flash drive.

2. Use your Smartphone as a Remote

Just like most hardware devices, Fire TV remotes tend to fail at some point. However, you can use your smartphone as a makeshift remote. In addition, there is an app that smartphone users can install to ease up controlling their Firestick device.

The application works on operating systems like Android and iOS.

3. Switching off your Firestick

The Firestick device doesn’t come with a button to switch off or on. There is, however, a hack you can use to conserve electric energy in your home.

You’ll have to tweak the timer to switch off the device at a set time. Alternatively, you can hold the ‘Home’ button and choose ‘Sleep’ from the list of options.

Best Hacks for Disney Plus

1. Create a Profile for your Kids

Some Disney Plus users want to restrict the type of content their children can watch. After all, subscribing to Disney Plus gets you full access to Disney’s vast amount of kiddies’ content.

You can limit the content your kids watch by creating a Kids profile. Head over to ‘Edit Profile’ and click on ‘Add Profile’. You’ll be able to choose the type of profile you want, including the Kid’s profile.

2. Watch Behind the Scenes and Cuts

Disney Plus offers a lot of extras to watch after finishing a movie or show. However, big-time movie watchers sometimes find it challenging to let go of a movie and go in search of more content related to the film.

Disney Plus allows you to watch deleted scenes, trailers, and so on. You can find the extra content by clicking on the ‘Extras’ tab beneath the movie’s Play icon.

Final Thoughts

Streaming services revolutionized the movie world by providing great utility. Movies could be watched at any time, anywhere, and in adjustable quality.

With the introduction of varying streaming platforms, several users are not aware of how to use them to the fullest, and because of that, we have created the above lists to look into. Happy binging!

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Best Hacks for Different Streaming Platforms in 2021

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