Top 5 Effective Ways To Get Free Xbox Codes

Get Free Xbox Codes

We live in a digitalized world where we are hooked to our mobiles and devices. In the fast-paced lifestyle, mobile games serve as a source of entertainment and relaxation. Often the games become addictive, and we end up spending more time playing them. However, due to the incompatibility of our mobiles, we cannot make most of the games.

Although most of the games that one plays are designed in a manner that they accommodate the mobiles. But some games work best when played on game consoles. Talking about game consoles, several game consoles are available in the market, such as PlayStation, Nintendo switch, Genesis Mini, and Xbox.

Top 5 Ways to Get Free Xbox Codes

In the wide range of game consoles available in the market, only a few live up to the gamer’s experience, and Xbox is one of them. Xbox is one of the most widely used game consoles across the world. However, just like PlayStation, you need to invest in money to buy Xbox codes for unlocking new game episodes.

Investing the hard-earned money in the purchase of the Xbox codes proves to be an expensive affair. For those ardent Xbox lovers looking for cost-effective ways to play the game, this post is meant for you. Here are a few ways in which you can get free Xbox codes.

1. is a site that furnishes you with xbox codes with click of a button. Unlike other sites that promise to provide a legitimate code but fail to do so, the platform furnishes the members with real-time codes. Making use of the site generator gives you access to membership codes and helps you to avail of the complimentary customer support team guidance.

The straight forward service of the company gives one easy access to the free Xbox live codes. Over the years, the company has provided exceptional service to its customers. Visting the company’s site also makes you eligible to win gift cards, which can be redeemed to unlock Xbox codes.

Xbox Codes
Xbox Codes

2. Feature point

If you want to earn free Xbox codes, then consider giving the feature into a try. Feature point is an app that can be easily downloaded from the play store and AppStore. The app has a size of 6MB, which is why players with a lower RAM in their devices can also easily download it.

The app helps you earn rewards by trying out the various apps enlisted in it and completing surveys. Players who shop from the app also stand a chance to earn points from the app. The points can be redeemed for getting free Xbox codes.

3. Earn gift cards

Various sites provide gift cards when you shop from them. Sites like Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, Jabongg, Walmart offer gift cards to their regular shoppers. The gift cards can be easily used to avail of free Xbox codes.

4. Join Idle Empire

Idle Empire is a well-known site for earning free Xbox codes. The player needs to register on the platform. The registration supports authentication through Google, Facebook, Twitter, Discord, and Steam.

Post-registration, you can start earning points by merely answering paid survey questions, playing games, watching videos, or testing software. After collecting enough reward points, you can redeem them for your Xbox gift cards. The delivery of the gift card is made within 24 hours.

5. Appstation

Appstation is an Android application that allows players not just to win gift cards and also earn money. The Appstation provides people with real money by only playing games on their mobile devices. For making the rewards, one needs to download the app station application on their mobile devices, followed by playing games on it.


So these are a few Xbox code generator ways. Did you find ways useful? Share with us your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

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Top 5 Effective Ways To Get Free Xbox Codes

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